Winter warmth and wedding plans

Winter warmth and wedding plans

Wednesday, 7th February 2018

Special and personal

Guests often remark that what is so special for them about Springkell is the opportunity to make the house their own for their stay. Springkell is so large, but it is still a family home and we hope that each guest can enjoy a memorable time in whatever way they choose.

Relishing the winter months

The Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced hue-guh) which means to acknowledge a cosy, charming or special moment, epitomises Springkell in winter. With snow on the ground outside it is a lovely chance to light the candles, lay the fires and enjoy a warming whisky in the Lion Bar in the company of friends and family.

From Roman times

The Johnson-Ferguson crest, with the motto ‘Nosce Te Ipsum’ (know thyself), is depicted in stained glass in the entrance hall to Springkell. It features three lions, which gives us the perfect excuse to have a Lion Bar here! It is the ideal motto for the weddings and celebrations we have here at Springkell as each event is completely different to the last.

Hearts galore

With Valentine’s Day approaching I am sure many people are thinking of love. Whether you are quietly planning to wed at Gretna Green, or organising an enormous party for friends and family, Springkell is where your romantic dreams can come true. Open the heart-shaped gates and let the party start!

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