Hello from the Johnson-Fergusons

Friday, 1st January 2016

It’s been just over two years since James and I, Rachel, and our 5 children moved to Springkell from Clapham in south London. I thought it would be fun to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on below stairs, to complement our fabulous, glamorous weddings.

It’s not so glamorous down here! The exciting news is that we are about to have our own kitchen. No more dusty red velvet curtains hiding the chaos beneath the ballroom. And our long-suffering chef, Peter, won’t be competing for space in the steam oven in the commercial kitchen, or wondering where the butternut squash has gone from the fridge. In about 3 weeks we will move from a dark corner at the east end of the house into the beautiful space with garden views facing south and west.

The navy blue Aga is under a dustsheet awaiting its first – casserole? – and the worktop is about to be cut to fit. I am not sure whether we will know what to do with such an enormous space, but certainly the piano will take up one corner and the large kitchen table the other. On Saturday nights we can enjoy the disco or wedding band in the ballroom above! Our dogs, Pepper and Finn, and our cats, Mack and Zia, will certainly appreciate the under-floor heating. Puff, Henry’s bearded dragon, is warm enough in his vivarium. And hopefully no visits from Cicely’s ponies, Tinkerbelle and Chico, but we might get the odd frog, which appear from time to time in the loo bowl, much to our surprise. And theirs.

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